Strengths of Asai Germanium Research Institute

Since the creation of Asaigermanium in 1967 as a pioneer in organic germanium research and manufacture, Asai Germanium Research Institute have been supported by many researchers and research institutes, and have been working on its safety and physiological effects. Here are three strengths that Asai Germanium Research Institute have cultivated.

Exploring the Potential of Germanium (Research & Development):
  • Asai Germanium Research Institute  history is formed by 50 years of research. Asai Germanium Research Institute have and will continue to explore the potential of Asaigermanium.
  • Currently, Asai Germanium Research Institute is working on various physiological effects of Asaigermanium and its interaction with important molecules in the body.
  • The origin of research by Asai Germanium Research Institute is chemical synthesis research aimed at contributing to life. Asai Germanium Research Institute will promote the development of new applications for germanium based on our accumulated know-how.

Quality Policy

  • Asaigermanium is an organic germanium that has undergone a number of safety tests, including GLP compliance tests, and has been confirmed to be safe.
  • Technical Development division manufactures self-invented high-quality Organic Germanium called “Asaigermanium” (Asai-Germanium) by using a proprietary manufacturing method under GMP-compliant equipment and manufacturing control.
  • The quality assurance division has established a high-level quality management system based on scientific knowledge, close inspection of each process, and appropriate evaluation.