Research Department of Asai Germanium Research Institute

Study bioactivity and mechanism of action of Asaigermanium from various aspects:

The fascination of Asaigermanium (Asai-Germanium) is that its simple structure has a wide variety of effects on living organisms.
In general, substances that have beneficial functions for living organisms often have complex structures or mixtures of various compounds, but Asaigermanium is completely different from many such substances and has a simple structure. It demonstrates a wide variety of functions despite being a single substance.
In the biology laboratory, recent research has revealed the interaction between Asaigermanium and molecules that play important roles in living organisms. By elucidating the role of Asaigermanium in the action of this molecule, Asaigermanium Research Institute is pursuing its functionality to improve health.

Asaigermanium’s potential:

Asaigermanium is a macromolecule (polymer) in the crystalline state (solid), but has a rare property that is not found in ordinary organic compounds, that changes its structure to a single molecule (monomer) when dissolved in water.
In the chemical laboratory, Asaigermanium Research Institute have synthesized more than 500 new organogermanium compounds and have been conducting basic and applied research on them. Currently, Asaigermanium Research Institute is studying how the monomer structure dissolved in water can interact with molecules having physiological functions, and how it can be regulated. In addition, as an independent research, Asaigermanium Research Institute is working on the development of recycling technology that can selectively and efficiently recover germanium compounds, which are expensive and valuable resources.