Research Results of Asaigermanium

Asaigermanium (Asai-Germanium) is the water-soluble organic germanium compound that has been confirmed to be safe and useful. On November 22, 2019, Asaigermanium was certified and registered under the “Certification and Registration Program for the ‘In-House Safety Assessment’ of Health Foods” of the Japan Health and Nutrition Food Association (JHFA), a public interest incorporated foundation (Certified Product Code No.: 19A001001). As of today, Asaigermanium is the only organic germanium certified as a food raw material in Japan. A variety of effects have been reported to date, including the enhancement and regulation of immune function. While various physiological effects have been elucidated, clinical evaluations of various diseases have been carried out and research reports have been made at research institutes nationwide especially in the 1970s and 1980s.
Since the 2000s, research on the usefulness of Asaigermanium (Asai-Germanium) as a food has been actively conducted, and several effects not found in existing health foods have been revealed.
An overview of the papers that have been reported so far is introduced in an easy-to-understand manner.

Effects of Asaigermanium on influenza virus
Effect of Ge-132 on Influenza Virus Infection. Antiviral Activity of Carboxyethylgermanium Sesquioxide in Mice Infected with Influenza Virus

Asaigermanium effect on immunity
Asaigermanium (Asai-Germanium) has been reported to activate immune cells, such as interferon-γ

Asaigermanium effect on bone
Asaigermanium (Asai-Germanium) has been reported to regulate the balance of bone-building and breaking hormones and prevent bone loss.

Asaigermanium effect on pain
Asaigermanium (Asai-Germanium) has been reported to reduce pain.


Effects of Asaigermanium on chronic inflammation (Rheumatoid Arthritis)
Asaigermanium (Asai-Germanium) has been reported to inhibit inflammation
and reduce the activity of osteoclasts, which destroy bones.