Alert on fake Asaigermanium

The Asaigermanium (Asai-Germanium) has resulted from 57 years of research, testing and dedication, which made Asaigermanium products to safe and high-quality for human health. To avoid risk of fake product, always buy Asaigermanium products from reliable sources.

Be careful of FAKE Asaigermanium products. It may be contaminated or contain the wrong or no active ingredient. Counterfeit Asaigermanium products are harmful to health. Fake Asaigermanium product can cause serious damage to health or even fatal injuries.

In the past, there was an incident in which many products containing GeO₂(an inorganic germanium, highly toxic) were pretended to be organic germanium and was sold all over the world. The Asai Germanium Research Institute has also conducting research on these counterfeit products to contribute to the health of people.

If you are in possession of fake Asaigermanium products, we don’t recommend the use of fake Asaigermanium products, because it can damage your health. If this happens, stop using it immediately and consult a medical institution.

Made in Japan Organization “MIJO” is an Anti Counterfeit, Anti Piracy & Anti Fake Organization in Japan. Made in Japan Organization verify the genuine Japanese products manufacturing in Japan. When buying Made in Japan product online or at a physical shop, for your own safety and to avoid health risk always check carefully if Made in Japan Organization’s logo is on the label. Fake products are serious health risks. Growing threat of poor-quality fake products that can be very dangerous for health and safety. Fake products might contain harmful ingredients and toxic levels of chemicals that can result in serious health problems. The fake products are made without regard to the health and safety standards of Japan.

All Asaigermanium products must be obtained from authentic and reliable sources. Their authenticity and condition should be carefully checked. Please seek advice from a healthcare professional or contact to us in case of doubt.

Asai Germanium Mark of safety and trust

Brand logo mark: The logo mark is always printed on products using organic germanium manufactured by Asai Germanium Research Institute Co., Ltd. The safety and usefulness of the data, this logo mark as applicable only to the organic germanium, which is used in products. The safety of product(s) without Asaigermanium logo mark is not confirmed and may harmful to the health. Be careful not to buy fake product which is sometime very dangerous for health. Only buy genuine product manufactured at Asai Germanium Research Institute.