Products of Asaigermanium


Basic information: Asaigermanium is produced by organizing polycrystalline germanium(purity of 99.9999% or more)using unique technology. It has been confirmed that it has high crystallinity and is extremely stable to temperature, humidity, and light. Transistors and diodes that make use of germanium as a semiconductor have become the pioneer of electronics development.

Available products:
(1) Asaigermanium Capsules
(2) Asaigermanium Tablets
(3) Asaigermanium Face cream
(4) Asaigermanium Face lotion
(5) Asaigermanium Soap

Since 1967 Asai Germanium Research Institute is continuing innovation & research for new development purpose, and does not sell products directly. To buy Asaigermanium products, contact partner company responsible for worldwide sales & export by click here

Brand logo mark:
The logo mark is always printed on products using organic germanium manufactured by Asai Germanium Research Institute Co., Ltd. The safety and usefulness of the data, this logo mark as applicable only to the organic germanium, which is used in products. The safety of product(s) without Asaigermanium logo mark is not confirmed and may harmful to the health. Be careful not to buy fake product which is sometime very dangerous for health. Only buy genuine product manufactured at Asai Germanium Research Institute.

The safety and usefulness of organic germanium, which is manufactured and selling by other companies are not guaranteed.

* Food Safety Act No. 0201003 (February 1, 2005) “About the Basic Concept for Proper Production of Tablets and Capsule Foods” and “Tablets, Capsule Foods, etc.” notified by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Japan According to the “Independent Inspection Guidelines for the Safety of Raw Materials”, in the case of a single compound as a raw material for food, it is equivalent only when all of 1: raw material (raw material), 2: manufacturing method, and 3: purity match. It is defined as a compound.