Alert on fake Asaigermanium

The Asaigermanium (Asai-Germanium) has resulted from 53 years of research, testing and dedication, which made Asaigermanium products to safe and high-quality for human health. To avoid risk of fake product, always buy Asaigermanium products from reliable sources.

Be careful of FAKE Asaigermanium products. It may be contaminated or contain the wrong or no active ingredient. Counterfeit Asaigermanium products are may be harmful to your health. They can also cause serious or even fatal injuries.

Asai Germanium Research Institute takes all reports of suspect counterfeits products seriously and, in order to combat counterfeit products, is working with other agencies and the private sector to help protect people from the threat of counterfeits.

If you are in possession of fake Asaigermanium products, we don’t recommend the use of fake Asaigermanium products, because it can damage your health. If this happens, stop using it immediately and consult a medical institution.

All Asaigermanium products must be obtained from authentic and reliable sources. Their authenticity and condition should be carefully checked. Please seek advice from a healthcare professional or contact to us in case of doubt.