Coronavirus measures

By Dr. Nakamura Atsushi M.D.

The carelessness of the virus control in the vessel “Diamond Princess” has been disclosed by infectious disease specialists and has become a hot topic online. If you hear the word “Diamond Princess”, I guess older generation than I may think about “Diamond”, a song by Princess Princess, may flow in their heads. However, if you think about the people who are confined in the ship, we cannot say such joke.

Sine there is the possibility of spreading of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) in the future, we must be careful. If there is anything you can do to reduce the risk of being infected, I urge you to do it. I’ve already mentioned in my previous blog about some antivirus measures that might work , but this time I want to add one more to that repertoire. It is “Asaigermanium” (Asai-Germanium).

I’ve talked about Asaigermanium several times in my previous blogs.
I mentioned that “intake of organic germanium makes it harder to catch a cold, and even if you do, it reduces the severity and duration”, but I never talked straightforward about the antiviral effect of organic germanium intake. Today, I received an e-mail from Mr. Takashi Nakamura of Asai Germanium Research Institute saying that “Organic germanium may be effective for coronavirus and I hope these articles will be useful as a reference” , and we received 5 articles and 1 meeting presentation which notes the verification to virus effects.

I read it and thought it was a wonderful study. Mortality of the influenza virus halved depending on whether organic germanium was consumed or not. Of course, it is only the effective against influenza and at the level of mouse experiments. No effects can be guaranteed on people affected by the new coronavirus. However, you can try anything that might work to help you protect yourself (just to let you know, do not take any anti-HIV drugs). 

Summary of 「Prophylactic effect of mouse influenza infection by Ge-132 (organic germanium) 」is as follows:
“Mice infected with 10 LD50 (10 times the half-lethal dose) of influenza, with the administration of 100 mg/kg of Ge-132 orally was compared to the control group which showed:
1) Increased survival rate 2) Proliferative suppression of virus in the lungs 3) Onset suppression of consolidation in the lungs
4) Suppressed increase of HAI antibody titer which reveals that the phylaxis effect against influenza infection was effective. Remarkable effects were evident in before and after the infection, and in preventive/therapeutic measures taken after the virus infection.
In addition, studies of inducing effect of interferon γ or of elevated activity of natural killer cells by Ge-132 are already shown in previous studies.”

「Prophylactic effect of Ge-132 against experimental MCMV (cytomegalovirus) infection in mice」 “Ge-132 was intraperitoneally administered 10㎎ to mice 1 day and 3 days before infecting with virus. Virulent MCMV Smith strain 2 LD50 (double the median lethal dose) was intraperitoneally administered and was compared against a control group. The control group mice died from 100% infection, whereas the Ge-132 pre-treated group were showing: 1) survival rate of 60% 2) Suppressed viral replication in the liver to about one fifth compared to the control group 3) Blood IFN titer , elevated 2-5A synthetase activity values were observed. In addition, the activity of natural killer cells in the splenocytes did not change.
In in vitro, Ge-132 did not show virus inactivation or virus growth inhibitory effects.  Therefore, the phylaxis effect to MCMV in the mice is a possibility of the activation in the body’s phylaxis system through interferon induced by Ge-132 administration. “

In addition, there were 2 more articles on 「The effect of Ge-132 on controlling vaccinia virus infection」 and on the preventive effect of influenza virus. In addition, there was a presentation at a conference which was “Explanation of the antiviral effect of organic germanium mechanism via RIG-I”. It’s very interesting, but since it’s too technical so I won’t go any further into it now.

Not always do I expect antiviral activity, but I often recommend organic germanium to my patients.
Patients who continue on organic germanium say: “I noticed that I haven’t caught a cold recently. I was often in terrible condition this past year.” A 50-year-old woman said ,”Last year I experienced menopause. But since I started taking organic germanium, menstruation started again. It’s not that I want another child”.
Organic germanium elevates the red blood cell metabolism. To this, the increase of blood circulation to each organ helps balance out the hormones, and may lead to experiencing a new challenge in life.

As you can see, if you continue the intake for a while, you will feel the effect of “come to think of it…”, but in some cases it will work more dramatically. Personally, I find it particularly effective for people with special needs (developmental and intellectual disabilities). Aside from the subject of viruses , let’ see the next case.

17-year-old male Diagnosed with intellectual disability and ADHD since childhood.
He stays home all day as he refused to go to school. He cannot stay still due to hyperactivity.  He takes Intunib (a drug for treating ADHD), but is not effective.

He visited our hospital with his mother since he had trouble falling asleep and was also troubling his mother’s sleep. I instructed him to take organic germanium (30mg three times a day, between meals) additional to dietary instructions. Two weeks later,the mother said,
“His hyperactivity and tic disorder has not changed, but now he’s able to sleep at night. He used to stay awake until 1 or 2 am, and woke me up. But now, with your help, he’s sound asleep at night. He feels the improvement himself, and now I am more careful with his meals and try not to eat sweet things.
The biggest change I felt was his motivation. He is willing to go back to school again. He said that, once he graduates school, he wants to work at an office. And now, as a practice, he is commuting. His job is to create a roster using a PC, but since he lacked concentration and used to walk around, I never thought he was able to tolerate it. And now, he is able to concentrate on his work, and also says “my work is fun”. This process changed in two weeks. I think there will be more changes if we continue. “

Yes, those who feel the change say it is “a miracle.” Without any exaggeration, this person will improve their life with Asaigermanium. Since the organic germanium has the power to turn your life around, it seems natural to say that it has a “virus-preventive effect”.

Above is the English translation of an article by Dr. Nakamura Atsushi. For original article in Japanese language click here