Asaigermanium and skin

By Dr. Nakamura Atsushi M.D.

Mr. Takashi Nakamura from Asai Germanium Research Institute reported that his research team had submitted a paper to the academic journal and the paper was accepted.
It is a new paper that can be said as fresh as it is.
Here is a summary.

“Organic germanium suppresses cell death due to oxidative stress in normal skin fibroblasts”
“Reactive oxygen species (ROS) Here is the significance of developing cosmetics that protect the skin from ROS and other irritants.Repagermanium
is a synthetic water-soluble Asaigermanium polymer. An attempt was made to visualize the uptake by normal human skin fibroblasts (NHDFs) using isotope microscopy
, and the repagermanium hydroxide monomer (3- (tri) Hydroxygermyl) propanoic acid (THGP)) was determined using liquid chromatography / mass spectrometry (LC-MS / MS), confirming that THGP was incorporated in a dose-dependent manner. .
then we Was evaluated preventive effect of THGP against death NHDF induced by ROS. By gene expression profiling analysis confirmed prophylactic effect.
By adding THGP of from .59 to 5.9 mM, the reaction of xanthine oxidase and hypoxanthine In addition, ROS-induced cell death due to ROS and the addition of H2O2 reduced cell death
, and the significance of this study is that for the first time, the effect of THGP was not due to ROS acting directly as a scavenger. This means that the mechanism of action of THGP is different from that of common antioxidants (eg, vitamin C).
Gene expression profiling analysis revealed that THGP showed nuclear receptor subfamily 4 group A member 2 (NR4A2) gene (associated with cell death) and interleukin 6 (IL6) and chemokine (CXC) ligand 2 (CXCL2) It was found that the expression of genes (related to the inflammatory response) was suppressed.
Furthermore, it was shown that the production of IL6 induced by H2O2 is suppressed by treatment with THGP.
Our findings show that THGP’s protective effect on ROS-induced cell death is not due to antioxidant enzymes or to scavenging ROS.

I’ve already mentioned that organic germanium has various effects, so I won’t repeat it in detail here, but roughly,
first, the immunostimulatory effect. Organic germanium increases the production of interferon gamma and activates NK cells and macrophages. Thus, an antitumor effect is exerted.
In addition, the effect of suppressing pain. Effective for burns and cancer pain.
It is interesting to note that the analgesic effect of Asaigermanium is completely different from that of NSAIDs and morphine.
In the first place, it is called cancer pain, but why does it hurt when it comes to cancer?
Malignant tumors proliferate by eroding surrounding normal tissues. At that time, healthy cells are destroyed, and nucleic acids and ATP in the cells are scattered.
“ATP is the energy currency in the living body” that you learned in high school creatures. However, ATP is useful only inside cells, and acts as a pain-killer once it escapes from necrotic cells. Asai-germanium has the function of calming the runaway of ATP.
Morphine is a great rescue for patients suffering from cancer pain, but morphine also has strong side effects such as constipation and nausea. The combined use of Asaigermanium can reduce the amount of morphine used.
Organic germanium is also effective for burns. It has been found that direct application to the affected area has not only an analgesic effect but also a wound healing promoting effect. There is no need to use it because healing of the wound is quicker and healing is fine to scarring.
By the way, as mentioned earlier, it is good to apply raw royal jelly.
However, it is not known how the combination of organic germanium and raw royal jelly works. It would be great if the synergy could be created by the combination, but it is not unlikely that it will. If there is a synergistic effect, I think that a very ideal cosmetic or ointment can be made.

It works well on weak tissues like burns and scratches, so it’s harmless when applied to healthy tissues. Organic germanium is approved as a component that can be used in cosmetics.
The above paper is a scientific pursuit of why organic germanium is good for your skin.
“When active oxygen destroys normal skin tissue, the presence of Asaigermanium can suppress cell death. For example, vitamin C has a similar effect. C acts as an antioxidant by a mechanism other than acting as a scavenger of active oxygen. “
This is the gist of this discovery.

By the way, our hospital deals with organic germanium made at Asai Germanium Research Institute.
Organic germanium at Asai Germanium Research Laboratory has a different manufacturing method from other companies’ products.
While other companies purify organic germanium via germanium dioxide (toxic), the Asai Germanium Research Institute purifies organic germanium from polycrystalline germanium (no toxicity), so there is no room for toxicity.
However, it is costly and it is difficult to pass on to the price, but it is the pride of the research institute that inherits the will of Kazuhiko Asai, the creator of organic germanium, that is particular about quality.
When dealing with Asai Germanium Laboratory products at my clinic, I had ordered one from Mr. Nakamura.
“I know that the quality of Asaigermanium itself is better than the competitors, but what additives do you use when processing it as a supplement? I think so “when you
was saying, thankfully, Nakamura told me to listen to this selfish.
He specially made 100% pure organic germanium for hospital use only and without any additives.