Asaigermanium and brain damage

When evaluating the efficacy of a drug, it is best if you can perform a double-blind randomized controlled trial (RCT) and find a significant difference. The high level of evidence is the foremost advantage and will be a major selling point when launching a drug. However, the disadvantage of this test is that it takes time (gold, time, etc.). If the pharma company is in the background, abundant funding could solve those problems. But for small businesses that want to market supplements, for example, doing an RCT can be a daunting task.

Although in vitro (test tube) research and animal research can be done relatively easily, human research requires some ethical considerations and many restrictions. In fact, RCTs using Asaigermanium are not very common.

Diseases and conditions, such as cancer, collagen disease, joint pain, high blood pressure, and depression, for which the effectiveness of Asaigermanium has been suggested, are largely based on case reports. Case reports are by no means meaningless, but they can be viewed at a much lower level of evidence. But trying to do a cancer RCT with Asaigermanium is a big deal. First, you have to gather the patients and get their consent.

” Asaigermanium has been said to be effective in cancer. The organic germanium to half of the participants, and the other half was administered a placebo (fake drug), please allowed to check the effectiveness of” patient you have cancer If so, would you take such an invitation?

“If I participate, I don’t know if I ‘m going to be taking Asaigermanium or taking placebo, right? I have cancer. Cancer grows and spreads every day. or, it is a disease that gradually approaches to death. Madashimo if you were drinking the real thing, now too late to worse drinking fake, and if, the how do you me to take responsibility? ” something like this If you tell me, you can’t force patients to participate. Patients are not laboratory animals. A man with dignity. That’s why performing RCTs can be difficult.

Nevertheless, there is such a research report on Asaigermanium. (Background). Dr. Umezawa, professor emeritus of Yokohama City University, sponsored the “Nuken Rehabilitation Party”, where members (children with cerebral disorders) were treated using the Dorman training method. This is mainly composed of patterning, masking, bouncing, etc., and consists of stimulus training in sensory aspects such as sight, hearing, and touch.

He was so impressed to see that Asai Germanium Ge-132, when given to a child, dramatically improved his refractory brain damage. “Doman training methods have caught only in peripheral sequelae-like, the brain is the root of the failure is not toward the most eyes. Most ineffective children with disabilities often because of that.

However, Ge-132 is its physiological It seems to be acting directly on the brain cells due to a natural effect, which should be the hope of many patients, “he convinced and thought about conducting an RCT. However, consent was difficult.

The members of the Noken Rehabilitation Association are children who originally joined the Dorman training method with the hope of recovery, so we temporarily suspended the Dorman training method to confirm the effectiveness of Ge-132. I couldn’t get it.

I couldn’t even do half the active drug and half the placebo. Doman training and Ge-132 administration had to be combined, and the consent of the patient’s parents had to be obtained.
Performing a rigorous RCT in the clinic in this way is very difficult.
(Research target)
95 children with brain disorders between the ages of 1 and 10 years old
(Research method)
Even with a child with a brain disorder, the symptoms present vary depending on the degree and location of the disorder, and no one patient has exactly the same symptoms.
Therefore, the symptoms were roughly divided into the following four groups.
Central motor dysfunction (Cp), epilepsy syndrome (Ep), delayed wisdom group (MR), autism group (Aut)
(Administration method of Ge-132)
Oral administration of granules and capsules.
The dosage varies depending on the age, weight, and symptoms of the baby, but it should be taken at approximately 20 to 30 mg / kg of body weight three times a day before or between meals.
(Evaluation method)
Appetite, sleep, bowel movement, and wake-up were considered as effects on general condition, and motivation (positiveness, self-assertion), concentration, memory, and facial expressions were considered as effects on mental function.
Judgment of the influence was made based on the observation and judgment of the parents. Significant improvement (++; 3-4 points), improvement (+; 1-2 points), no change (±), worse (-).
In addition, the brain age / calendar age = growth rate was evaluated based on the growth profile of Dorman Delakato.
If this value is 1 or more, it is a normal or good child, and if it is 1 or less, it is a brain-impaired child or a child with poor cranial nerve growth.
(Results) Of the
95 subjects studied, 67 subjects excluding those with Ge-132 administration and training period of less than 12 months (28 subjects in the Cp group, 11 subjects in the Ep group, 14 subjects in the MR group, 14 subjects in the Aut group) Example) was evaluated.
Ge administration improved general condition and mental function in all but a few cases. This tendency was remarkable especially in the MR and Aut groups.
First, the administration of Ge-132 showed an effect of improving the health of the children. In most cases, improvements were seen in appetite, sleep, bowel movements and wake-up.
On a visa, mothers agree that most babies no longer catch a cold after taking Ge-132, and that if they do, they have low fever, a short duration of illness, and good health.
Second, there were improvements in mental functions, such as increased memory, increased expression, motivation, and concentration. Above all, high motivation greatly affects the development of cranial nerve functions such as sensation and movement.
Let me show you specific cases.
First case
(MT) boy. Diagnosis is Cp, presumed cause is 1400g premature infant. He took Ge-132 for a year and took a total of 324g at the same time as the enforcement of the Dorman Training Act.
The growth rate at the first consultation (86 months of age) is 60%, and that at the last consultation (98 months) is 85%. After taking Ge, my mental function developed remarkably, my concentration increased, and I continued to study arithmetic and practice piano for about an hour each.
When I stopped taking Ge by chance, I started to use my math and piano. When he resumed taking Ge in a hurry, he began to work hard again.
Second example
(TK) boy. Diagnosis is MR, probable cause unknown. Ge dosage is 525g for two years. The calendar age at the first consultation is 93 months, the growth rate value is 81%, and the calendar age at the final consultation is 117 months, the growth rate is 87%. According to her mother, taking Ge changed her expression and spirit.
3rd case
(AM) girl. Diagnosis is MR and probable cause is asphyxia. The growth rate at the first consultation (67 months) is 53%, and the growth rate at the last consultation (103 months) is 92%. Ge dose is 306g.
The mental progress after taking Ge was remarkable, and he could do anything alone. However, when she stopped taking Ge, she became ill and diminished, but recovered immediately when she took it again.
4th case
(ST) boy. Diagnosis was Cp (atetoses) and the probable cause was inadequate maternal blood type. Ge dosage is 72g for 2 years. After taking Ge, she became less likely to catch a cold and began to sleep deeply. In addition, it has become possible to shorten the sleep time.
My constipation disappeared and my appetite became extremely good. Athetosis was reduced and hand function improved. However, when I forgot to take Ge, my athetosis increased. The reduction of athetosis is something that has never been seen before.
His writing has become more accurate, and he can write fine characters such as kanji. This has not been the case for many years of Dorman training.
In addition, I was able to eat almost by myself. Going around has also improved significantly.
Language and articulation improved, and pronunciation became easier to hear. He was able to speak very long sentences and was willing to speak at school.
My comprehension and memory are improved, and the memory is amazing. His grades at school were excellent except for physical education, and he was even selected as a class member.

I think it is a wonderful report.
For the time being, the evidence level is RCT> case report.
However, as the news has shown that the efficacy of antihypertensive drugs of a major pharmaceutical company has been tampered with, it is not such a thing that it is true that it is correct just because it is valid in the RCT . Rather, even if the number of n is small, the above report may be much more reliable.
The above report is based on the child’s changes observed by the mother. This is a formal dissertation that may be rarely addressed. “As an objectivity, it has no scientific body at all.” But it is also true that no one is as sensitive to changes in the child as his mother.

Autism, intellectual disability and the like are generally considered difficult to recover. However, the above report shows that the use of organogermanium has dramatically improved recovery.
It’s absolutely better for parents who have their patients as children than to have no hope of recovery.
I don’t think it’s worth trying organogermanium, because it doesn’t have any side effects unlike drugs from general pharmaceutical companies.

By the way, even if a normal child without brain damage drinks, it has a favorable effect on intellectual development.
・ A 14-year-old boy who started drinking organic germanium because it is good for asthma. Unexpectedly, my math performance suddenly improved. My teacher was suspected of cheating because she had improved so quickly.
・ A middle-aged man who started drinking organic germanium because he seemed to be healthy. Go was my hobby, but I could read deeper. It was an unexpected effect.
This is the case in Kazuhiko Asai’s Germanium and Me.
There is also a Kawai Juku instructor named Masakatsu Ito who encouraged students to take organic germanium and led many students to college.
Even if a student whose performance is stagnant is drinking, it should be able to expect more effects than a magic.