What is Asai Germanium?

Asaigermanium (Asai-Germanium) is world’s first water soluble Organic-Germanium that was invented 56 years ago by Dr. Asai Kazuhiko in Japan. It is the only water-soluble organic-germanium compound that has been confirmed to be safe and useful. Various actions have been reported so far, including enhancement and regulation of immune function. A variety of physiological effects have been clarified, and from the 1970s to the 1980s, clinical evaluations on various diseases have been conducted and reported in research institutions nationwide in Japan. In the 2000s, research on the usefulness of Asai Germanium as a supplement has been actively conducted, and some effects not found in other products have been clarified.

Asai Germanium Products

The main ingredient of following products is Asai-Germanium. These products are available for sale in Japan at shops and on internet shopping sites:
(1) Asaigermanium Capsules
(2) Asaigermanium Powder
(3)Asaigermanium Tablets
(4) Asaigermanium Face cream
(5) Asaigermanium Face lotion
(6) Asaigermanium Soap

Be careful of fake products

The Asaigermanium (Asai-Germanium) has resulted from 56 years of research, testing and dedication, which made Asaigermanium products to an exceptionally safe and high-standard for human health. To avoid risk of fake product, always buy Asaigermanium products from reliable sources.

Counterfeit (fake) Asaigermanium products are fake products. It may be contaminated or contain the wrong or no active ingredient. Counterfeit Asaigermanium products may be harmful to your health. They can also cause serious or even fatal injuries.

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